We had some crazy rain on Friday. Some flooding in our area. Lots of trees and branches down. The last time we had rain, we discovered a leak in the ceiling, and this time we found another one. Looks like we’ll need to contact the roofing company we used a few years ago. 

One of the surprises was the blackout, caused by a down tree nearby. I had just washed both kids’ lovies, and something told me to just put them through the drier, not the entire load of clothes I’d washed. The power went out just as the lovies finished drying. Thank God for small favors! Our power went out just before 5pm and wasn’t on until 8 the next morning. 

On the plus side, we have tons of candles! First, we put on bathing suits and headed upstairs to our giant tub. There’s great light in our bathroom, so we played in the tub until the sun went down, then we had a candle light dinner. Fun times!