Superbowl and Family


awesome fake plantWe were so grateful to be feeling better because that meant we were able to go visit my brother-in-law! His surgery was a success, and he’s been recovering well but we hadn’t been able to see him since early January (when we brought him an awesome fake plant! We were going to do a Christmas tree to hang ornaments from friends, but since it was past Christmas when he was able to receive visitors, we decided on the plant instead. Apparently it looked real enough to have the nurses getting upset – no plants allowed. Yay for Michaels!)

Anyway, we headed over very very late Saturday night – it’s about a 2 hour drive and we don’t like to make it in the middle of the day when our 4 year old is awake, so we often wait until her bed time. Sunday morning we decided to visit a different CMA church (we usually go to my husband’s parent’s church), and we had a great time. The pastor had a great sermon talking about John Williams and the missionaries to South America. When they got to the jungle, cannibals literally drew a line in the dirt and said, “If you cross this, you will die.” The pastor at this church had put symbolic lines at the front of the church and asked the congregation to cross the lines if they were willing to stand up for their faith. The week we attended was after that, and it was a great follow up sermon. We thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

After church we made it over to my brother-in-law’s for the Superbowl. We had to stream through their computer which they’d hooked up to the tv since they didn’t have cable, but it worked just fine. I spent most of the time catching up with my sister-in-law, which was awesome, though I do love football. I couldn’t believe the first 12 seconds – really?!?

But the time with family was wonderful. We didn’t do anything special, we got to spend time together, and we enjoyed a ridiculous blow out of a SuperBowl. My brother-in-law starts physical therapy this week, then radiation to make sure the area is clear in a few weeks, so if you happen to be reading this, you can keep praying for him.