So, you want to know more

About me


My name is Kristin.

I am the person behind Design by Any Other Name. And by that, I mean I do literally everything. I create, stamp, dye, polish, assemble, pack, and send every single order. (More on my process here.) Not only that, I set up listings, answer emails and convos, and run this website; I even did the design myself – with a bit of help from Divi.

I’ve been crafting since I was young; I started selling crafts at age 11, starting with beaded geckos. I’ve been stamping metal since 2010. 

I’ve also been writing since I was young, and am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. You can check out samples of my writing as well as my writer’s blog on my author website:

I’m also married to a wonderful guy who works as a lawyer, and we have two kids, age eleven and five. We have two kitties named Stormy (Stormageddon, Dark Lord of All) and Pompeii.

Other Notable Things:

* I’m Christian

* I have Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism, and Sciatica 

* I have Celiac and lots of other food allergies

* I’m super geeky