Gluten Free Update


I’m into the second week of being Gluten Free. I am feeling much better. It took about 4-5 days for the serious hunger to go away, but I have more energy and a lot of the issues I’ve had forever (stomach, headache, foggy brain) are starting to slowly go down! I hope it continues!

Lost Lovey


While I was on my church retreat and my husband was on his work retreat last weekend, our parents watched our daughter  (Yes, both – they took turns.) Somewhere in the transfer process, my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal – her Kitty – got lost. We have NO IDEA where it disappeared to. Luckily the weekend went fine because she was so distracted by family, but when we got back, the first thing she wanted at bedtime was Kitty. As soon as I had found out (my husband was still at work), I searched for an hour and a half – no luck. Then he got home, and we both looked for another hour – no luck. The next day my MIL came over and we looked for 2 hours together – no luck. Everyone searched the bags and the one place they stopped was called – no luck.

All week when she asked for Kitty, I told her Kitty was missing and I couldn’t find her – that Kitty must have gone on vacation. I also gave her a different stuffed animal (Mousie) and told her that Mousie went on the retreat with me and missed home and needed extra hugs. That worked for a few days, but every night there were questions about Kitty and every morning as well. None of us slept well, and all of us dreamed about Kitty, including the grandparents.

new kittyWe were gone Fri-Sun and our daughter got back Mon. We luckily found a replacement kitty on ebay on Tuesday. New Kitty arrived today. I was VASTLY worried that my daughter would look at new Kitty and say, “THIS ISN’T KITTY!” throw it across the room, and burst into tears. This luckily wasn’t the case.

Here was the plan: I washed new Kitty a couple times in the hopes of making new Kitty look a little more worn. (Old Kitty was as old as my daughter!) I even tried a bit of bleach. None of these worked – New Kitty looked very very new. Finally we decided to say Kitty went to the spa and got a new dress. I went out to ‘check the clothes’ and called out our daughter:

Me: Look what I found.


Me: Yay!

S: Why was Kitty in the drier?

Me: She must have been stuck in with your clothes.

S: She’s so clean!

Me: She had a bath! That’s why she was in the drier – she was so dirty! Look, she got a new dress too!

S: Yeah. (Pause. I hold my breath.) I love Kitty! YAY!


Crisis averted. She made us all give Kitty hugs and kisses and made me promise not to put Kitty in the washer again.

Gluten Free


I decided (after a bit of research and a few “coincidental” meetings that were a bit too coincidental) to try going gluten free for a few weeks and see what happens. My body has been so out of wack since I got diagnosed with Hypothyroidism (well, before that, when I started showing signs), and in all honestly it’s never been normal. So here we go on an interesting adventure of going gluten free for a few weeks to see where it takes me. At the very least it’ll give me a much better appreciation for what my MIL (a celiac) goes through.

Day one (yesterday): Soooooo hungry. Nothing seems to make me feel full. Found out some alcohol (inc whiskey!) is bad, as well as several other things I never would have thought of, like soy sauce.

Day two (today): Still so hungry. Feel less bloated. Less stomach issues. Made a beautiful salad for lunch and went to get salad dressing only to realize it wasn’t gluten free (had soy sauce mixed in) – also realized I’d given it to MIL before and felt really guilty. Decided to use just a tad of the dressing since I already made the salad and didn’t have anything else to put on it. Soon after starting to eat it started having bad coughs and a headache (coincidence?)

Very interested to see what tomorrow and the following weeks bring. I know for certain my weight should go down – there’s nothing to snack on but fruit in the house!

Back from Retreat


I just got back from a Women’s retreat, and WOW, did I have a fantastic time. I had a wonderful time getting to know the women at our church a bit better and I certainly had fun learning from the speakers, singing praise, spending some alone time, and climbing on the ropes course! (But more to come on the ropes course later.)

hume morning

The speakers were great. My favorite was Nicole Johnson. She was interesting from the first moment she walked on stage – she used props, which I haven’t seen people do. She also acted out scenes, which made quite an impression. But more that that, I have to say that her imagery in terms of relating to scripture was positively memorable. She asked us to look at our hands and reminded us of the adulteress caught in the act; then she asked us what stones we were holding on to and asked us to drop them. She reminded us of the man with the withered hand and how he had to stretch it out to Jesus to be healed. Nicole asked what we were holding back, gripping on to – what we needed to stretch out and give up to be healed. It was a fantastic talk! (And that’s not even touching on her discussion of how being treated as “invisible” is a cure for pride.) She was a great speaker.


I had a wonderful time this weekend, but I am mostly grateful for the time I got to spend with God, both privately and with my Sisters, learning more about Him and growing closer to Him. I am grateful for the time I had to sit on the shore of this beautiful lake and enjoy the sounds of the water lapping at the sand as the birds chirped while I read a bit of scripture then wrote poetry about my experience. Nothing could me more fulfilling and more refreshing.


Photo Gallery


Photo gallery is up and running! Wow, that was tons of work (and research)! Website design has been changed too (from the original design). WordPress theme sorta matches my website theme – but hey, I’m not going to pay a ton of $ just so that I can get wordpress for joomla and make the site all perfect. Close enough is good enough for me when I’m not a website designer! 🙂

Now I can focus on getting back to my store and getting orders churned out. At least my hands are feeling a bit better and I can actually stamp now!

Up on the website to dos (after I get my orders out):

  • Add more to the about me page – inc video!
  • Create content for the process page – you know you want to see my messy desk!
  • Add more social links – I’m everywhere. (And I may just give in and finally get a twitter account.)
  • Eventually set up shop here. (As well as on etsy.)
  • I need to get my pennies back in stock – I think I’m good to stamp them again! YAY!



Well I feel accomplished. Or exhausted. I’m too tired to tell which. I am so excited to get my official website off the ground I just had to stay up and finish it. Or at least make it semi-presentable. Only problem is (was?) that I had no idea how to build a website. I do now though! It’s amazing what you can learn on the internet. New adventure, here I come! Right after bed.



Back in June 2012 I needed to close my etsy store due to health problems. I reopened in Nov 2012, and put this message up for my customers. I have posted it here – at the beginning of my blog – to give you an idea of where I am coming from… just building my business back up from where it was, and just getting my life back to normal (or at least normal for me). So, without further ado, here’s the etsy message from back in Nov ’12:
Wonder where I’ve been? Read on for more details. I’ve missed etsy and my business so very much. As you may or may not know, I took a hiatus from my shop back in June. It was supposed to be for a very short time, but ended up being much longer than planned. My wrists were bothering me and I couldn’t physically stamp. After a visit to my neurologist and being probed with a cattle prod thing, we still couldn’t figure it out. So I headed to my GP and had some blood drawn. Come to find out I now have hypothyroid disease (in addition to epilepsy, if you’ve read my bio). One of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is mock carpal tunnel, so that explained the wrist issues (as well as the fogginess and other issues – look it up, I had 80% of the symptoms). I’ve been on thyroid meds for about a month and a half now and just this week have started to feel like my normal self. I am still not up to 100%, and my wrists still aren’t great, but I want to get back to work, back to creating, and back to etsy. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to stamping coins soon, but that might take a bit since they are harder metal and hurt a bit more. If you’re new here, welcome to my store – I’m only running at about 50% of inventory at the moment. – K 11/12