I’m Pregnant!


Backdated because I didn’t let anyone know I was pregnant this early! I found out I was pregnant on this day. I was scheduled for my monthly Women in Mission meeting, and this happened to be the meeting I was presenting at: a presentation that was super important to me on the persecuted church.

My best friend came over for the day just to chat, so I got to tell her, and thankfully she was able to stay a bit late since my husband was running late due to traffic. I wasn’t able to see him or tell him before my meeting. Hopped up on emotion, I ran out the door, my friend thankfully watching our almost-5-year-old, and drove to the meeting. I spent the next hour or so leading discussion of martyrs, imprisonment, torture, and other high-stress, emotional stories I’d read from voice of the persecuted and heard from the Voice of the Martyr conference I’d attended a month before. There were about 40 women there, and I was probably even more emotional (obviously). It was a great meeting.

On the way home I stopped by the market to pick up a card. I was looking for a Father’s Day card (we had a busy FD since we went to my friend’s Salvation Army graduation), but I couldn’t find one. I did find a baby card that wasn’t too revealing until you opened the inside.

When I got home, I handed the card to my husband and told him I was sorry for the belated FD card. He read the front, figuring it was a “remember when” type card, but when he got to the inside, he skipped to the bottom (without reading my clarifying note that said ETA Feb 2015) and just stared at me and said, “Really?”  I said, “Yes, really.” After waiting two years for a sibling for our daughter, it was such a joy to be able to share the news so close to Father’s Day. Everyone else, with the exception of a few prayer warrior friends, had to wait until we passed the first trimester.

My Grandparents’ 60th Anniversary


anniversary penniesLast night we skipped out on Growth Group (for shame!) to head about 30 mins south to have dinner with my family to celebrate my Grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary (actually June 12!) as well as an early Father’s Day. We went to Seasons 52, which is a fun restaurant (on the expensive side): everything is less than 500 calories, there are several dietary restricted menus if you need them, and the food is changed quarterly to match the seasons. It’s really neat!

Anyway, we had a private room at the back – there were 20 or so of us after all. In addition to the three of us, my grandparents and my parents, both my brothers came – one with his wife and 5 month old daughter (who both spent most of the time outside due to screaming), the other solo. Both my uncles and one aunt were there, as well as three of my five cousins. We had a lovely meal – including sushi and flat-bread appetizers and wonderful fish (and other things) as the main course. The fish was so good, in fact, that my daughter decided after eating her pizza that she’d like my salmon – all of it. Well, not all of it. Just the soft, tasty pink part. I could keep the charred part on the top. Our kid ate a whole personal pizza plus about 2/3 of my salmon! Good thing I had my own personal GF sushi appetizer.

Finally they had what they called “indulgences” for dessert – little 1″ x 1″ x 2″ cups of cakes, pies, or cream things. They had a special tiered tray to stack them and put a candle in the top little cup for my grandparents to blow out, so it looked like a fancy glass cake with treats inside. When Ashley the waitress set it down, my grandparents were so distracted by the desserts, they completely forgot about the candle. About ten minutes later I started to smell smoke and looked around and saw smoke curling up from the table. I briefly wondered who took up smoking (a e-cig?) and rejected that idea as soon as it crossed my mind. I found the candle in front of my grandparents and had to remind them to blow it out – they’d completely forgotten, as had everyone else remotely close to them.

Grandad selfie!My grandparents were adamantly against gifts, but I couldn’t help but give them stamped pennies from 1954. I apologized for screwing up the “no gift rule” and my grandad called me a terrible granddaughter (jokingly). They were so happy with the pennies – simple and meaningful. Then – my favorite part of the night! My brother showed my grandfather how to take a selfie with his phone. He was totally fascinated! He took a couple, then my brother showed him how to email them to people. Grandad was so thrilled he could take pictures with himself in them, but my grandmother was like “No. Nope. Nuh-uh.” She’s too proper (I had a former teacher call her “regal”) to be caught up in anything that’s not posed and clean and flattering. After that, we said goodnight and headed home.

What an absolute blessing to get to celebrate this wonderful occasion with my grandparents. I remember celebrating their 50th anniversary, but this has so much more meaning to me now that I have been married 8 years. I am so impressed with their example and their love for each other over so many years. I am impressed with their kindness, humor, charity, and love. And what impresses me perhaps the most is that these two people who are so dear to me are missing Christ from their lives. They live so fully, so wonderfully, and so sacrificially and are wonderful examples (and have been my entire life!), but they have managed to do so by themselves – with no guiding spirit or no church body for fellowship and edification. I pray daily for my family because these people are good, kind people, and they deserve to hear the gospel and benefit from the love, grace and mercy it can bestow on them – the same things they have been giving most of their lives, but not often receiving.

Last Day of School


The past month has been a whirlwind. In spite of the fact that I was feeling a bit off (see my post on depression), I had to just chug on, as life just seems to move forward whether we want it to or not. So while I seriously wanted to curl up in a ball with my comfy, cozy blanket and read a book, sleep, or watch netflix until the tv checks to see if I’m still alive, there were mom duties, church duties, and WORK duties. And work this month – ohmygoodness. I had 248 orders in May – that’s 8 orders a day. It was busier that Christmas last year. Or ever, actually. While I sure love the business, it’s been hard to find the time to work as well as parent and recover from the Tea that went awry (again, another post). As of today, my orders are more of less caught up – nothing due out until Friday, though I am trying to get orders out faster than my eta is stated to be. I have 60 orders currently in my queue. I’ve been meeting for VBS (and other church ‘things’) and trying to deal with family struggles.

But in the midst of all this, today was a nice breath of fresh air. After an agonizing decision about whether or not to hold our daughter back or send her into kindergarten (it totally wasn’t a tough decision at all), we decided she’d benefit most from a year of transitional kindergarten (TK), so she’s staying at the same preschool, with the same basic guidelines, leadership, etc. Some of her classmates will be the same. Her teachers will be different, but it will feel familiar. Her two best friends, on the other hand…one is moving to kindergarten. One is doing home-school TK next year – both great choices for those kids! However, today was the last day of school, and that always brings … emotions.

For me, it was sweet. Her teachers were sad to see their kids go. One teacher is getting married (yay!). The kids were SO CUTE in their “patriotic parade” shaking their shaker things (filled with rice or beans or whatever), wearing their red, white, and blue, and marching and waving at the HUGE CROWD (of parents). Their were hugs and gifts, thank yous and photos. Then we were ready to head home. It was pleasant. A nice way to end the school year and start the summer.

last dayFor the parents of my daughter’s friends, the emotions ran a lot higher. There was the realization that the babies weren’t babies any more. That they were headed to real school, leaving their friends, leaving the safety of preschool. After saying goodbye to their teachers, the three girls ran around the corner, stopping at the three yellow poles that mark the end of the corridor, and we all got a bit choked up – the last time these three would run together and play like this. Sure, there will be play dates and visits, but this – THIS EXACT THING – will never happen again.

But that’s silly. This moment (meaning me typing this post outside while my daughter plays in her pool and sandbox) will never happen again. She will always be a little older (as will I), a little different. Things will change, relationships will grow, people will drift apart. While I may feel a brief sadness at the thought of time passing, I look forward to the future, and what joy and promise it holds.

And I do have to say, I am glad of our decision to hold her back another year. Being an adult is hard, and I’m glad our kid has one extra year of being a kid.

Conversations in my home


Daughter: You’re silly.

Dad (my husband): You’re sillier.

Daughter: You the silliest.

Dad: You’re the Queen of the Silly People.

Daughter: Well, you’re the King of the Silly People.

Dad: I can’t be the King, you’re already the Queen.

Daughter: Well, you’re bigger and older than me, so you have to be the King.

Dad: Okay, you can be the Princess of the Silly People.

Daughter: I don’t want to be the Princess.

Dad: But the people need their Princess.

Daughter: No, they need Jesus.


Our daughter is either going to grow up to be a missionary or something or totally rebel and be a hardcore atheist. Pray for her. I do.

So…no more depression?


So you know my post about depression? Yeah, I’m feeling better. I asked several friends to pray, and I started feeling better. That, and I actually rested a bit and stopped eating some stuff that was making me ill. Yay for not feeling the blues and being back to my normal (weird) self.