Grandmother’s 80th!


IMG_2066We were so excited to get to celebrate my grandmother’s 80th birthday. We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the beach, and it was delicious. This place is known for their chocolate cake, which they sell by the mondo-slice. So my mom called ahead and asked to buy a whole cake. The response was, “um, I don’t know. We’ve never done that. We just sell the slices…” to which my mom responded, “”Well, how many slices are there in a cake? Just charge me that much.” They were very confused, but obliged. It was totally worth it; my family enjoyed singing to my grandmother, who usually doesn’t like to be the center of attention. After, we shared the cake, and everyone took some home. Being gluten free, I didn’t have any, but I heard it was awful (*wink*wink*). My husband loves me well enough not to shove the chocolaty goodness in my face. Thanks honey and happy birthday Grandma!

Morning Sickness


One of the worst things about me and pregnancy is terrible morning sickness. I was hoping that when I had my daughter that it was one of those “every kid is different” things and I wouldn’t be so sick with the next one. No such luck.

With my daughter, I was sick 2 weeks before I knew I was pregnant. This continued until around week 18-19. I would wake up every morning, drink a big glass of water and throw it up, then be able to face the day. I could eat nothing but saltine crackers and cherrios, with the very very occasional maple donut, gummy worm or almond hershey bar thrown in. Those preggo pops? Total waste of money. Ginger candies and psi bands were my lifesavers though! I lost 20 pounds with my first – which I then promptly gained back when the morning sickness dissipated, and then some! (170–>150–>195) That probably had something to do with me eating a whole bunch of gluten foods, which I have since found out are not good for me – at all.

Right after I found out I was pregnant with this one, I should have ordered new psi bands, since I needed them so badly with my first (in fact, I broke them from overuse!). However, being stubborn and prideful (*cough*cheap*cough*), I though, “no, this time will be different! I’ll be fine.” Yeah right. Within a few days of finding out, I was on Amazon deciding if upgrading to one day shipping was worth it. The worst of the sickness hit right around VBS (yay!). I had to tell my leader that I was pregnant and that if I made a break for the door (bathroom), I needed her to cover for me. VBS was awful and fun – I needed to show up at 8:15 every morning and put on a cheerful, excited face when I had thrown up less than an hour prior and I really just felt like throwing up again all over these first graders around me. Fun, fun, fun.

The second day of VBS, the church secretary, who I am just getting to know, walked up to me and said, “You know, I was praying for VBS and I just felt like you really needed extra prayer, so I’ve been praying for you.” I looked at her, nearly burst into tears and gave her a hug and said, “Thank you!” She looked at me like yeah, now I’m going to pray harder for you. That prayer and acknowledgement got me through the week …  and she didn’t even know I was pregnant!

With this one, the morning sickness was just as bad, but just finally disappeared at 18 weeks! Praise God!  Due to my change in diet – I’m now gluten free, as I’ve mentioned, I was able to eat a bit more food than with first go ’round. This time I only lost 4 pounds through the morning sick phase. Now I just need to control myself through the second and third trimester, when I feel awesome and want to eat EVERYTHING. (McDonald’s fries and 3 musketeers anyone?)