IMG_3858Our daughter is 5 and fantastic, but when she was born, she did some time in the NICU (for fluid in her lungs and jaundice). With our second, they released him two days after he was born. We were shocked. When the nurse told us we were going to be discharged, we booked it out as fast as possible, just in case. It honestly felt like they weren’t going to let us out the door. like the nurse was going to come running after us shouting, “WAIT! We realized something is wrong and he needs to stay a few days.” When we made it home, it felt too good to be true. Our daughter hadn’t been able to come to the hospital to meet the new one (or see me), so going home was wonderful. The doctor did ask us to go back and have his Jaundice level double checked in a day or two.

IMG_3717Unfortunately, when I did, the hospital called me as soon as they got the results in and told me to bring our new baby back immediately. He needed some time under the Billie lights in the NICU. I thought I was ready having been there, done that, but it was harder the second time. I was already a mom and knew what I was missing and had a hard time tearing myself away from my new baby. At the same time, I had a 5 year old who was worried about me and missed me. I had to go through the same issues with nursing and pumping that I did with my first, though luckily, this time the NICU stay only lasted 26 hours instead of 6 days. Despite that, I was still a wreak. I cannot imagine how moms and dads cope with babies in the NICU for weeks. They are incredibly strong and I admire their ability to keep it together.

L & D


Ah, yes. The post of horror. No, really, it wasn’t that bad.

My labor/ delivery was a whole lot of interesting. I had several female nurses all making jokes about men being difficult (since my baby is a boy). The only consistent nurse I had was a male student who was nervous and wanted to defend men, but didn’t feel like he was in a position to do so. He finally said something and I told the baby (in my stomach) that he better hurry because the student was the only one defending him and was leaving at 3pm and wanted to see him be born.

At 12:30pm the Dr broke my water. At 1, i was telling another student how I was trying to go without 11018849_10104232503306266_7450755324130406730_npain meds. I went into HARD labor at 1:20. At 1:30, I was crying asking for an epidural (so much for med free). I was told 15 mins till the anesthesiologist could get there. At 1:45 my husband called the nurse who asked if the anesthesiologist had been by. I said nope, I feel like I need to push. They check, I’m at ten. My Dr runs from her office. There were like 15 people in the room – several students. One lady was trying to talk to my husband over me asking details about the baby as I was trying to push. I told her to save it for later and stop. A few pushes and baby is born at 2:05. The students were all excited. The one guy who was with me all morning thanked me with tears in his eyes and said it was a miracle. I told him the baby came just for him since he defended boys. He couldn’t even respond he was so choked up. It was a great birth – I even made it without the pain meds!

After, we found out baby’s head was 37cm. My nurse said, “you go girl!” The lady who was trying to talk to my husband while I was pushing came back after to help with nursing and kept making comments about my girls (boobs) and telling him that helping me nurse was as close to sex as he’d get for a while – while winking at my husband. He was crazy uncomfortable. I so didn’t care at that moment.

Baby’s Room!


I’m so very excited to show you our baby’s room. I was trying to figure out how I was going to decorate his room. I wanted something that would grow with him – not a “nursery.” I ended up thinking how cool a space theme would be, but too much was too cartoony. I finally found black and white realistic planets, then decided how neat it would be to have spaceships from our favorite series! Then, of course, we needed to add some scripture. Once I got the miscellaneous stars, I decided it would fun to make constellations instead of just randomly place them. I love the way everything turned out! (Plus, I got to support six different etsy sellers!) Click on the pictures to see a larger version.