Life had been crazy lately. But I guess that’s always the case. Back in January, I realized that my seizure medication was causing some nasty side effects – anxiety and depression mainly. I’d just switched neurologists and the prior year had been so busy (especially emotionally) that I had attributed the anxiety and depression to life circumstances. 

Anyway, I slowly began the transition to a new medication, which is ridiculously scary when epileptic – if the medicine doesn’t work, I could land in the hospital then have my license yanked for six + months. Majorly inconvenient. It took three months to completely switch over, and I cannot express how awesome I’ve been feeling since then… With the exception of the bronchitis, insanely long (different) cold, and multiple glutenings. I go through a few days if feeling amazing, then something strikes me down for a week or two. 

At the moment, I’m beyond fantastic. I had an awful migraine yesterday (Tylenol took the edge off, but the sunlight will bothered my eyes). Turns it is been eating pumpkin seeds that had been processed on equipment with gluten. Accidental glutenings suck.

So for today at least, I’m wonderful. Caught up on Etsy orders, clean house, and time to work on new items for WhedonConWhedonCon.

Life is Good.

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