#MikeWon party


Just about a year ago my brother-in-law passed away. Young, married, baby – Cancer sucks. At his memorial last year, the theme of the eulogy was #MikeWon – not only did Mike always love to win games, he beat us all to heaven and is therefore the true winner. My husband misses his brother Mike a ton, and so we decided to throw a remembrance party in his honor. One of Mike’s favorite things was playing games, so we had a game day with friends and family. We spent a few hours playing a variety of games, had dinner together and had a nertz tournament (one of Mike’s favorite games). 

Other than the fact that our toddler fell after a collision with another toddler, banged his head hard and earned him a cautionary trip to the ER, everything was great. My kid is fine, but the doctor said it was good I came in to check – he’d been dizzy and crying about how much it hurt. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, “I’m broken.” It really was heart breaking. But about two hours after the fall he was back to normal. So yay!

Bonus: trip to the ER got me out of cleanup! Really though, it was nice to spend time sharing memories and playing games. Miss you Mike!

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