WhedonConDay 3


The last day of WhedonCon was very relaxed. I didn’t have anything I particularly wanted to do, so I let G go play games most of the day. He did come down and check on me and let me stretch my legs and use the restroom, but for the most part I was on my own.

I spent a good part of the morning reading my Bible, which felt all sorts of weird at a geek convention, knowing many people would disagree with Christianity. I didn’t get any comments though.

Also, I did, for the first time, managed to make it around the dealers room to check out some of the other things people were selling. There were some really amazing products and one thing I noticed was that the booths were packed full of things. My booth looked empty by comparison. I realized one of the things I need for the next convention I go to is an upright stand to better display my key chains and necklaces. I picked up a couple things – gifts for friends and family for Christmas as well as a book and a Sherlock magnet.

Mostly, I enjoyed spending time talking to people. I had a really good time chatting with an older man who was in the middle of editing his first novel. Since I had also written a novel a couple years ago (that never made it to edit number two), we had a lot in common. We shared the plots of our stories as well as things that helped us become better writers. I really appreciated this conversation, as well as another conversation I had with my new friend about poetry. Honestly, I forgot how much I enjoyed writing both poetry as well as short stories period. I vowed to get back in the writing habit. So far so good.

The dealer room closed down at 5 and we were able to load all our stuff back into the car. We were planning to get out of there as quickly as possible so that we could pick up the kids from my parents, but after talking with my mom we realized it was going to be very late. Instead, we decided to meet each other in the morning before my daughter had to go to school. That freed us up a bit so we weren’t quite as rushed, and I decided I really wanted to go to a panel / discussion about people living with chronic illness. I’m really glad I was able to go; I met a lot of interesting people, and we had a really great discussion. Plus, by the time I got back to the dealer’s room my husband had almost everything cleaned up already! We finished packing up the car and headed home. Oh, on the way to and from the car I ran into David Fury, and I was able to tell him how much I appreciated listening to him talk during his panel. I was proud of myself for not fangirling. (Hahaha) Once we got home, we grabbed dinner, unloaded the car, and rested while we watched TV. It was a good weekend​.

WhedonCon Day 2


Onto day 2! We had a lot planned for today – tag teaming the booth so we could both see things. We headed down to the vendor room about half hour before it opened and reset everything. After finishing set up, G brought me some wonderful coffee to wake up, and I found a seat for the big panel of the weekend: David Fury and Tim Minar, both writers and/producers for Buffy and Angel, as well as 24 & Lost and Firefly & Wonderfalls, respectively. It was a ton of fun listening to them talk about the hardest thing they’ve work, how they learned to write female characters, and what their favorite was. After, I ran up to our room to grab some lunch (pb&j! – not much gluten free stuff around here!) And came back to takeover the booth while G went to great Nicolas Brendon, who was apparently a bit inappropriate with some responses.

After, we traded off again and I made it to the stunt panel. I really enjoyed it; they had behind the scenes footage they were discussing as well as how the characters were portrayed and how fighting affected costume choices. Sofia Crawford, who was Buffy’s stunt double for four seasons, was fascinating. And wow, does she have defined muscles! Watching the footage as they talked was really interesting because they were explaining how Sofia was so fast with her movements they needed to keep telling her to slow down. Her husband, who was the stunt coordinator for 3 seasons, was fascinating to listen to – he both looked and sounded like a smaller Nathan Fillion, which was fun. Of course, the things he talked about we’re interesting too – character development through movement, costuming, and actors following the doubles rather than the other way around. Spike’s stunt double was there as well, and he talked about imitating James Marsters’ movements and character.

From there, G headed up to the game room again and I hung out in the dealer room until it closed. At that point we were starving again, so we headed to dinner at Chili’s. We were planning on going to the “prom” or maybe going to see a movie, but we got back to the hotel exhausted. We watched one episode of Kimmy Schmidt then fell asleep.

WhedonCon Day 1


I’m sitting at my booth at WhedonCon getting a few sentences out at a time between chats with people. I am having so much fun! The people here have been lovely and tons of fun to chat with. I’ve found it about tons of other Cons, poetry reading and workshops, cosplay with kids and all sorts of other fun things.

My husband G took the day off work yesterday so we could get up here and set up. We dropped S off at school for just about an hour before he picked her up and dropped get and D off with my mom. We grabbed lunch and headed north about an hour and a half away. We made it to the hotel about an hour and a half before the vendor room was scheduled to open, and we were seeing up until literally the last second. However, my booth looks great! We needed to fiddle a bit with the picture frames to figure out what would best draw attention, but I think we’ve got it now.

Soon after arriving, I left the booth in G’s hands and headed to a talk by Camden Toy about acting through latex. It was super interesting and he seems like a really nice guy. For reals though, seeing him make the gentleman face (from Buffy episode Hush) was terrifying.

Once the dealer room closed, we went to dinner at a nearby sushi place that claimed to be gluten free – yeah, not so much. Although they had gotten free soy sauce and prepared my food without any sauce at all, I was served both miso soup and imitation crab, neither of which I can eat. I avoided a severe reaction but still dealing with a bit of a headache today.

We did peek into the Firefly themed shindig, but didn’t stay too long- the music was impossible to dance to. We did get pulled into the dance contest – slow classical music (no waltz beat, ftr), so since we don’t know any slow dancing, we ended up swing dancing. Didn’t match the beat at all, but it was fun. We ended up making it to the top third of the dancers, so that’s pretty good!

Then… We crashed. It was a fun day.

Wag ‘n Walk

Check out my view!

Check out my view!

I’m finally sitting down to write a summary of my first craft fair. I had a great time! I didn’t make a ton of sales, but I made enough to cover the cost of my booth, and since it was a low-traffic event, I was able to get my feet wet without a lot of stress. Not only that, I was able to work out some of the kinks with my booth so that I won’t have to deal with those issues during a more major event. The one big thing I did not account for was the WIND. And man, there was a lot of it the second half of the day. I had planned to make table weights, but couldn’t find of the materials I needed, so I ended up dropping that idea figuring it couldn’t be *that* important. Boy was I wrong! The wind whipped my tablecloths all over, even knocking some of my stuff off. My fake Christmas tree fell over countless times (even when propped between books). Most of all, I was worried about my tent blowing away! Next time I will be bringing along some tent weights (just found these on Amazon – or I might just make my own or recruit my husband).

propsI got to the event about 7:40 (after getting lost – Google Maps failed me! I needed to use my GPS). It took me just over an hour to set up. The hardest part of the set up was putting up my curtains, but I had done a dry run the day before, so I did know what I was doing. Another good move I made was to hang most of my pieces on the props and then put the props into boxes and move the boxes. Yes, some of the pieces fell off the props, but probably 80-90% stayed on, which saved TONS of time for my actual set up.

penniesI had found this great tutorial on price signs, and my awesome best friend used her cricut to cut the shapes for me, so I had prices marked for almost everything (though that still didn’t stop the questions!). One change I made to that tutorial – I used a hot glue gun and instead of using a strip of paper on the back, I used the same shape on the back with identical writing so that if the card spun or if it was viewed from the opposite side of the table it could still be read. Very cool! Another idea I had – since my items are so small and hard to see from any distance, I stopped by the Dollar Tree and picked up some cheap frames, then printed out photos of some of my pieces. I places these frames around the corners of my tables to draw attention (it worked). I also have tons of props which I have slowly been collecting – they sometimes make it a bit hard to see all my items (as opposed to just laying them out on the table), but they make my booth much more eye-catching, and I’ll take that any day.

boothBesides the wind, the event was a ton of fun. Most of the people who were there were not there to shop – they were there with their dogs for a walk or for the competitions. I did make some sales and passed out a ton of business cards. Most importantly, I got to have a few meaningful conversations – I got to talk with a few people who needed someone to just listen. I’m delighted that I was there at the right time and right place and hopefully had a few words that might lend a bit of peace in their respective situations. It was a pleasure to talk with such interesting people all day!

Unfortunately, due to the wind, I didn’t get a goo overall booth picture. I meant to have my husband take one when he arrived later in the day, but by then I was busy coping with trying to keep things from blowing away and forgot about the pictures completely. I did remember to get some close ups, which is great. I’m also missing photos of my awesome price sign board and the crates and frames I set up to draw attention to my booth (both worked!). I’ll have to post photos of those the next time I do a show. Overall, I had a wonderful time and am definitely looking forward to my next fair! 🙂

trees, earrings, and nestsPenny table

necklaces keychains

P.S. Totally forgot to mention this. Remember I took a picture of my cat “helping” load my boxes? Well, that was apparently a good idea too. All the dogs that passed by just had to stop and smell my tablecloths and boxes to smell the cats. The owners stopped whether they wanted to or not. Mwahaha.

First Major Craft Fair Tomorrow!

My cat wanted to help me load my boxes.

My cat wanted to help me load my boxes.

I am so very excited I can hardly contain myself. I have my first major craft fair tomorrow. Now it’s not technically a craft fair – it’s a fundraiser that has vendors, but that somehow makes it more fun. I’ve done a few table things at church, but this is different – this is me with my full booth: EZ up, tables, driving, setting everything up, being completely responsible for everything including the look, feel, questions, purchases, etc. It’s super fun, and a little bit terrifying.

I’ve been slowly collecting things (props, table clothes, etc) with prior events, so there wasn’t a huge out of pocket expense this time, but there is still a lot to get. I found a small Christmas tree to display my ornaments, I found a great display thing for earrings, and I’ve got a bunch of frame with photos of my items blown up a bit bigger to hopefully attract some people to my booth.

After spending all of today setting my booth up again, making price displays and finishing up some items that needed to be assembled, I am ready to go. I am very excited and now – exhausted. Can’t wait to update you with photos of the day and of my booth! 🙂

Gem Fair


Today my daughter and I headed to the Gem Fair to pick up a few glass beads. I don’t offer these in my shop, but I do when I do craft fairs – they are bright and colorful (and fun!) and add a bit of POP to the monotony of my items. I was brought to the Gem Fair a few months ago by my friend Linda, and it was such a blast. This time it was just my daughter and I, and I knew exactly what I needed, so I printed out my free pass (yay!), drove there, paid for parking, walked in, went straight to the booth I wanted, and let my daughter pick her favorite beads (and I picked some too). After about 15 minutes we were ready to go, and we headed back to the car. Here’s my haul:

glass beads

Last time I went with Linda and our friend Ginger, we spent hours there – they have things from pennies all the way to hundreds of dollars. My friend Ginger went back and forth about buying this one beautiful pendant (because it was costly), but finally decided to get it since she rarely spends money on herself. We three spent the next 20 minutes or so looking for a good chain for it. We finally found a nice heavy one that looked perfect, and we were about to get someone to cut it for us when I took a closer look: skulls! It was a good thing we noticed; it would have been hilarious for one of the oldest deaconesses at our church to show up on Sunday morning with a skull chain. 😉

New – My Little Pony Stamps!


I am so very excited for the newest stamps I bought. I have been wanting to buy them for a while, but I put myself on a budget with my business and slowly accumulate things. (Darn being reasonable!) I bought these about a month ago and finally got some time to sit down and stamp before we left for our trip – then to finish the coloring/polishing once we got back. It’s been nice to get some new things created since I have felt rather ill for the past 2 weeks (glutening possibly?); creating always helps drag me out of feeling miserable.

So I present to you: Hand-Stamped MLP.

IMG_1319 IMG_1352

IMG_1343 IMG_1327

IMG_1326 IMG_1354

You can find all my MLP items at my store – click the upper right link (“Shop”)or click here for the MLP specific items. 🙂

Shop Opening



In a whirlwind of events and emails, one of my close friends (Leslie of A New Leaf Creations pictured below, who makes awesome up-cycled scarves) let me know there was this really neat store opening in Anaheim, CA called A Little Known Shop. They were (and are) renting space to vendors to sell their handmade goods. I contacted the owners (Danielle and Eva) and managed to slip in just in time, and I am so glad I did! I got the confirmation that I was in on Friday, spent all Saturday and Sunday working on stock, and headed out Monday (Memorial Day) to fill my shelf.


From this post – with LOTS of pictures:





I was told to “go natural – wire, woods, stuff like that,” so I went to Marshalls, where I buy most of my prop stuff for cheap. I found these awesome baskets for about $30 total, plus I grabbed a few glass jars from Michaels to hold my pennies.


It took a while to set everything up (I was there 2 hours!) and I came back on Weds to help tag everything with a bar code and put the finishing touches on my area – a crate to boost one of my baskets, a jar for organza bags, and a sign to hang over everything.

And then came Friday May 31 – Grand Opening! We had such a great time – there was face painting, a live band, food, and of course, all the awesome stuff in the store. It was like a buffet of eye-candy. Let me say I was severely upset my camera was in the shop – but at least we had my husband’s phone for a few photos!

IMAG0370-2 One of the funniest things while we were there was the face painting. We asked our daughter (remember, she’s 3) if she’d like one. She was adamantly against it. NOT going to happen. We asked her several times and the answer was always no – she almost seemed scared. Finally we dragged it out of her:

“I don’t want a tattoo.”

“They aren’t tattoos. They come off.”

“They come off?”

“Yes. You can wash it off with water when we get home.”


And then she was a bit shy, but definitely wanted one. She decided on a pirate since she’s been into Jake and the Neverland Pirates (this will be her birthday party theme at the end of the month). It looked awesome…and was promptly washed off as soon as we got home.

IMAG0367-2 IMAG0363-2

My stuff (not everything, of course!) will be on sale at this awesome store for the foreseeable future. I *highly* recommend you check it out if you are anywhere near Anaheim!


Image from https://www.facebook.com/ALittleKnownShop
423 S. Brookhurst St. #M, Anaheim, California